Quarterly Reporting Outside Professional Activity

The goal is to capture outside activities on a quarterly basis in order to provide feedback to faculty members prior to annual certifications at the end of the year required by UCOP. Faculty are required to submit their certifications with or without activities. For your reference, we have listed the process for quarterly reporting as follows.

Quarterly Reporting Process

  1. Academic Affairs will provide each department with updated list of faculty names of those that should submit a quarterly report.
  2. Faculty will access OATS at and enter their outside activities each quarter.
  3. Faculty are required to certify their activities annually.
  4. Each quarter, Department will submit report to HSCP Advisory Committee for review (two weeks after faculty deadline). Report may include:
    • Any activities that may be questionable
    • A list of faculty who did not comply, or
    • “Nothing to report.” This should be sent quarterly to HSCP Administrative Support (currently Miguel Guerrero) and copy to Academic Affairs. “This documentation will serve as confirmation your department has reviewed faculty outside activities quarterly.”
  5. HSCP Committee will review submissions. Once reviewed, committee will send report to department making specific recommendations (if any) for faculty outside activities in question. “This documentation will serve as confirmation that HSCP committee has reviewed Department quarterly report on faculty outside activities”. A list of faculties who did not comply will be sent to the dean for further action.

Deadlines to submit quarterly reports for outside professional activity are listed below.

  • November 1 – Summer Quarter (July 1 – Sept 30)
  • February 1 – Fall Quarter (Oct 1 – Dec 31)
  • May 1 – Winter Quarter (Jan 1 – Mar 30)
  • August 1 – Spring Quarter (Apr 1 – June 30)