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Merit & Promotion Process


Merit & Promotion Process

Senate Faculty

  • Professor of Clinical (e.g. Medicine) Series, - APM 275

Non-Senate Faculty

Guidelines on Self-Statement

  • The candidate is strongly encouraged to submit a brief statement describing and evaluating, in language understandable to a general audience, his/her achievements and recognition within the review period. The self-statement may not contain comments on procedures/processes used to assemble the file and this is not the place for personal information.
  • As part of your self-statement, include a diversity statement. This is a statement addressing contributions to diversity through teaching, research, professional activity, and/or service during the review period. A link to the SOM statement on diversity is available here.
  • These self-statements are not required but are helpful to the reviewing bodies if they direct the reviewers' attention to the candidate's most significant work and the current direction of scholarly activities; simple enumeration of material evident in the file does not materially assist the review process and should be avoided. Accuracy of the self-statement is the responsibility of the candidate. If there are discrepancies between facts stated on the self-statement and the review file, the reviewing bodies will defer file as the true/accurate record.
  • Self-statements in merit files are limited to a two-page maximum. Promotion files are not limited in length. Candidates are encouraged not to exceed five-pages in length when submitting self-statements. However, there is no page limit on self-statements sent to external reviewers.
  • If the self-statement sent to extramural referees differs from the self-statement in both self-statements should be included in the file.

Teaching Evaluations

  • Teaching evaluations by students are conducted electronically.
  • Questions regarding undergraduate evaluation form may be directed to Rosemary.Tyrrell@medsch.ucr.edu.
  • You can request copies of your teaching evaluations from your pre-clerkship and clerkship directors, residency/fellowship coordinators.