Faculty listening to speaker

Faculty Mentoring Program


Our faculty mentoring program provides support to our newest faculty to integrate into the SOM and UC culture, while addressing the challenges of work and life balance, establishing career goals and fulfilling their duties in clinical practice, research, teaching and service. This program will continue to develop as we identify the best practices for faculty mentorship.

Videos of past presentations can be found on our archives page.

Faculty Mentoring Program Goals

  • Facilitate pairing junior faculty with career mentors.
  • Build and maintain a database of eligible faculty mentors.
  • Support faculty career development through mentor-mentee pairs, mentorship curriculum and resources, and formal acknowledgement of mentoring service.
  • Review best practices in faculty mentoring and evaluate mentorship activities.

Mentor Attributes and Skills

  • Associate or higher rank.
  • Outstanding communication skills.
  • Knowledge/experience with all aspects of advancement and promotion at UCR.
  • Able to dedicate sufficient time for mentorship activities.


  1. July-Sep: Mentor/mentee matching (both Biomed and Clinical faculty).  Distribute IDP and other materials to new faculty, update mentor database, facilitate mentor/mentee pairing.
  2. January-February: Mid-year mentor-mentee meetings (committee sends reminders to ensure meetings take place).
  3. February: Mentorship committee update at faculty retreat.
  4. March-May: Mentor-mentee workshop via Academic Affairs.
  5. June-July: End of year mentor-mentee meetings (committee sends reminders).  Mentorship committee follows up with individual mentees and mentors to determine if mentees are satisfied with their mentorship, if changes need to be made to pairings, and that mentors remain eligible.

Our Mentors

Listed below are the faculty members who make up the Faculty Mentoring Program. You can click on their name to be taken to their individual profiles pages to learn more about them. You may also download our Faculty Mentoring Program pdf to learn more about the mentors.